How to Practice Innovative Leadership by Being Adventurous

Being-Adventurous-as-a-LeaderContinuing on with my latest discussions on the three major components of leadership, we’ll be covering another subset which contributes to how you craft your company vision. While we’ve previously discussed the concepts of open leadership and seeing the bigger picture, today’s blog is dedicated to the next leadership subset under “Crafting a Vision”: “Being Adventurous.” 

Although “adventure” isn’t exactly a buzzword in the healthcare industry, it’s a defining mindset taken by innovative leaders who happily welcome challenges. In short, being adventurous as a leader means accepting failure as your most valuable teacher – though there’s certainly much more to it. 

What Does “Being Adventurous” Mean as a Leader?

Now, you’re likely aware of what the term “adventure” means as it pertains to our personal lives. Visiting foreign places, meeting new people, and experiencing unfamiliar situations are all adventurous in nature, but how is “being adventurous” defined in the professional and leadership sense?

Entrepreneurs are the embodiment of adventurous leadership due to their hard-and-fast approach to growth and innovation. For these leaders, the adventure is defined by the limits they push, their questioning of the status quo, and a resulting drive to blaze new trails in their industry. To be an adventurous leader is to love the pursuit of the unknown; they are willing to go beyond conventional practices in pursuit of their goals.

Why Being Adventurous Crafts Better Leaders

The answer to this question is clear when looking at the paths of great leaders, both present and past. From tech giants like Steve Jobs to forward-thinking entertainers such as Queen, these innovative leaders shared a fearlessness for the novel. Rather than being afraid of trying something new, they reveled in it. This mindset applies to successful leadership in any industry, since the companies and practices on the forefront of innovation often reap the largest rewards – all because they approached their efforts with a sense of adventure.

Face Challenges with an Adventurer’s Mindset

An adventurous leader is one who is motivated by new obstacles rather than turning away from them. At the end of the day, leaders who turn away from challenges or big risks are bound to miss out on key growth opportunities. This isn’t to say that risky decisions shouldn’t be weighed out, but uncertainty alone isn’t always enough reason to run from a challenge. Remember, the greatest risks can bring the greatest rewards.

For example, consider how newer procedures, marketing tactics, or modern forms of patient outreach can help your practice. Letting fear derail you from exploring out-of-the-box ideas stems from a fear of failure, which is present in us all at one point or another. However, this ends up working against us in the end, since failure is truly the best teacher. Being adventurous, taking risks, and failing on occasion serve to teach us invaluable lessons in the long haul.

Embrace Adventure and Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Being adventurous in your leadership role will keep your team motivated, progress your leadership style, and open new doors for innovation and greater success. 

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