Speaker Package

Speaking Areas

The three major speaking topic areas offered by Jerrund Wilkerson Consulting are the following:

  • Leadership.
  • Emotional Intelligence.
  • and Customer Satisfaction.

Is Your Team Experiencing Any of These Challenges?

Your leadership style could very well be the root of the problem…

low morale ad productivity

Low Morale/Productivity

Would you describe the members of your team as engaged, positive, and hard-working? Are they working like A-players? If not, it could be that they need a leader who knows how to inspire them and boost their confidence.

high turnover

High Turnover

A high employee turnover rate is common when leadership is lacking, due to poor relationships between employees and their superior, goal misalignment and unclear expectations, or team members feeling unseen or undervalued.


Insufficient Profits

Are you struggling to increase your bottom line? Studies show that extraordinary leaders can actually double a business’s profits by improving things like employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment.

failure to meet goals

Failure to Meet Goals

If you are noticing a disconnect between your expectations for your team, their performance, and the outcome, there is likely a roadblock in one of the 3 key areas of your leadership: Vision, Alignment, or Execution.


Poor Ratings

Poor reviews could indicate that you need to improve your people skills and relationships with your patients, or that your team is not aligned with your vision and expectations for your practice.

Coaching Clients Include:

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