4 Signs Your Leadership Is Costing You Profits

4 Signs Your Leadership Is Costing You ProfitsIn the healthcare industry, promotions are typically given to those with the greatest technical proficiencies without much regard for their relationship-building skills. Not only that, but individuals who obtain these managerial/authoritative positions rarely—if ever— undergo the necessary leadership coaching required to wield the level of influence and effective communication they will need to succeed.

After assuming these new leadership positions, these healthcare professionals quickly find themselves struggling to inspire their teams, build strong patient-provider relationships, and bring in the profits they need.

Without proper awareness of this healthcare leadership gap, many team leaders assume that their employees are to blame—assuming they are lazy, unmotivated, unprepared, etc.— before stopping to consider the possibility that it could, in fact, be their leadership style that is getting in the way of success.

Here are 4 signs that your leadership may be responsible for the halted success of your practice, and how leadership coaching is designed to help you find resolution. 

Your Team Lacks Motivation

How is your team’s energy? Would you describe the members of your team as engaged, positive, and hard-working? If not, it could be that they need a leader who knows how to inspire them and boost their confidence. 

A leadership coach works with you to define your vision and expectations for your team’s culture, and then helps you develop actionable steps you can take to lead them to success.

Your Team Struggles to Meet Goals and Benchmarks

If you are noticing a disconnect between your expectations for your team, their performance, and the outcome, there is likely a roadblock in one of these 3 key areas of your leadership:

  • Vision: Have you identified the big picture? Do you have clearly-defined goals for your team and your practice? Have you sought counsel and feedback regarding this vision from other healthcare leaders you trust?
  • Alignment: How well have you communicated the big picture and goals to your team? Do they know your expectations and how to meet them? Have you asked for their input and perspectives? Are you successfully inspiring and encouraging them as they work towards those goals?
  • Execution: How well is your team moving forward toward the big picture? Are they losing steam? How is each person’s overall performance? How are you measuring their progress? What are your methods for providing corrections and addressing problems along the way?

My approach to leadership coaching is designed to walk you through each of these 3 areas from start to finish.

Your Practice Has a High Employee Turnover

When leadership is poor, it’s common for there to be a high employee turnover rate. This can happen for many reasons, including:

With proper leadership training, it becomes easier to identify these gaps and develop plans to address them.

Your Practice Is Receiving Poor Ratings

One of the most obvious ways to tell whether or not you need leadership coaching is by paying attention to your patients’ satisfaction ratings. 

Do they complain about how they were served by you or someone on your team? Depending on the complaints, these poor reviews could indicate that you need to improve your people skills and relationships with your patients, or that your team is not aligned with your vision and expectations for your practice. 

A good leadership coach is prepared to train you on how to accomplish both of these issues. 

Do you identify with any of the statements above? You might be the perfect candidate for executive leadership coaching.

To get a better understanding of your leadership style, strengths, and challenges, take my free leadership assessment and see how your answers stack up against best practices. 


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