How Does Employee Satisfaction Affect Profitability?

How Does Employee Satisfaction Affect Profitability?According to multiple studies, including one from Oxford University, happy employees are noticeably more productive at work than dissatisfied employees.

It’s no surprise that employee productivity correlates with a business’s ability to succeed, so when you put two and two together, it’s clear that employee satisfaction has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Let’s explore why this is the case, what company leaders can do to improve their employees’ work experience, and how this can benefit their business.

How Are Employees Affected by Leadership?

In a study from Zenger | Folkman, it was found that extraordinary leaders can actually double a business’s profits by improving things like employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment.

Have you ever noticed how in chain restaurants and retailers, employee turnover is much higher in some locations than others? Clearly the determining factor isn’t the hourly pay or corporate values since those essentially are the same across the franchises—it usually comes down to the leadership and management at each location.

Over the past few decades as an executive leadership coach, I have seen firsthand how leadership directly influences factors like:

  • Employee turnover
  • Attitudes/workplace culture
  • Company loyalty
  • Employees’ motivation to reach goals
  • High vs. low achievement

Just as extraordinary leaders can motivate employees to excel in their roles and buy into the workplace culture, those with poor leadership skills often leave their teams confused, uninspired, and unhappy, all of which correlate with low productivity.

How Can Leaders Improve Employee Satisfaction?

Are you struggling to improve your team’s happiness at work? There’s a good chance it could stem from factors other than dissatisfaction with employee benefits and pay.

Some of the most common reasons for employee dissatisfaction stemming from leadership include:

Truly effective leadership lays out the big picture, defines clear goals, achieves buy-in from the team, exhibits strong emotional intelligence, and executes the steps necessary to succeed.

Do You Need Help Improving Employee Satisfaction?

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