3 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

3 Ways to Increase Employee ProductivityEmployee productivity is without a doubt one of the greatest factors affecting business’ success and bottom line. Without high-achieving employees who bring their A-game, there is no way a business, especially a people-centered business, can increase profits. 

Some of the most common reasons employees report underproductivity at work include:

  • Unclear expectations from management and leadership
  • A lack of incentive/recognition
  • An unhealthy work-life balance
  • Too many distractions in the workplace 

Here’s why these factors affect productivity, along with a few ways leaders can improve their systems and communication to bring in more success. 

Set Clear Goals and Expectations

Have you identified the big picture of what your team is working towards? Have you communicated clearly-defined goals for your team and your business? Have you sought counsel and feedback regarding this vision from other leaders you trust?

Think about it. How will your team know exactly what “success” means for them if you haven’t set concrete parameters in place? How could their work possibly be the best it can be if they aren’t even sure what it is they’re working towards?

Unfortunately, many leaders assume their employees are automatically on the same page. In my 30+ years of experience as an executive leadership coach, I can tell you that most of the time, they are NOT.

Identifying your vision and then communicating the specific goals and expectations you have for your team will give them a map of how they can succeed—which in turn builds clarity and confidence in their work. 

Give Praise and Recognition

In 2017, Globoforce conducted an extensive study on employee productivity and found that 74% of employees said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized or appreciated. 56% of respondents said recognition from senior leaders, managers, and peers is the most motivational.

The study indicated that quarterly reviews, even those that are largely positive, are not enough to make employees feel seen, heard, and appreciated. It is important for leaders to regularly give their team members positive feedback and recognition in the moment. This recognition makes employees feel like their work is valuable and that they are an essential contributor to the business’s success. This motivates team members to keep adding value by doing their best work.

Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Back in the old days, it was believed that the more hours you worked, the more you were able to get checked off your to-do list, and therefore, the more productive you were. The only problem with that theory is that we are humans! We get tired, and after working too hard for too long, our brains are bound to get fatigued.

In fact, the CDC released a study that showed that employees who regularly worked more than 8 hours per day are more likely to suffer from health problems, more likely to make mistakes in their work, and are actually less productive compared to employees who maintain a 40-hour work week.

Good leaders are able to motivate their employees to do their best work while also encouraging them to maintain a healthy work-life balance. They are able to sense when their team members are overworked and overwhelmed, and they are ready to step in and find a solution before productivity suffers.

Leaders, are you struggling to maintain employee productivity?

Here a few actions you can take: 

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