The Healthcare Leadership Gap

As the need for healthcare workers grows each year, so does the need for leaders to rise up and effectively lead their teams and facilities. Especially during COVID-19, these professionals have been pushed to their limits and needed to constantly adapt.

In the healthcare industry, much of the training focuses on knowledge and skills, and many leadership positions are filled by the most skilled individuals in their fields often omitting the assessment of their leadership acumen. This disconnect is amplified by the lack of leadership training most healthcare professionals do not receive.

I call this the “Leadership Gap.
Many healthcare professionals are selected for leadership roles without receiving proper leadership training, and they quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibilities of management on top of their technical duties.

Due to this lack of training, these men and women are expected to learn how to effectively lead their teams on the job with limited resources and in a high-stress environment. This situation can snowball into problems that can negatively affect people under their care, their peers, and their own success.

If you are not an effective leader for your team, everyone can suffer — your fellow staff members and patients alike. It takes time and instruction to gain clarity around your goals, identify actionable changes that are personal to you, and work towards adjusting your behavior.

Are you ready to close the leadership gap?

While most leadership coaches fail to understand the unique challenges presented to healthcare professionals, Dr. Jerrund Wilkerson has firsthand experience in the industry and is positioned to help you identify these challenges, set clear goals, and make an actionable plan to bring results.

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About Dr. Wilkerson, PD, MBA, PCC.

Do you want to increase your impact? Do you want to increase profits under your leadership? Do you want to develop and use your abilities to the fullest to better connect with and lead others? Executive Leadership Coaching covers these bases. Dr. Jerrund Wilkerson, PD, MBA, PCC, has more than 30 years of successful executive leadership coaching in the United States and internationally.

As a licensed pharmacist, he is particularly passionate about helping develop effective leaders in the healthcare community. Dr. Wilkerson has coached and trained thousands of managers and leaders. He is a certified coach and member of the John Maxwell Leadership Team.

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