5 Fireable Leadership Mistakes

5 Fireable Leadership MistakesMany leaders make these five mistakes and don’t even realize it until they’re asked to pack up their desks.

Before you get the boot, read about these mistakes and why they could cost you your job if you don’t take action sooner rather than later.

Low Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability for a person to identify, comprehend, and regulate their own emotions, as well as identify, comprehend, and influence the emotions of other people. Not only does this cover the ability to recognize and name our emotions, it also requires us to take ownership of those feelings and manage our behaviors as a response.

When leaders allow their emotions to run the show, they are much more likely to make poor decisions that can affect the attitudes and success of everyone on their team. In addition, exhibiting low emotional intelligence can significantly harm the way team members view their leaders. They will begin to question whether or not the leader is trustworthy, stable, reliable, credible, and even capable of leading them effectively.

No Accountability or Mentorship

Have you ever noticed how the greatest leaders have a leader, coach, or mentor of their own? Bill Gates, Gandi, Mother Teresa: each one was only able to become a leader after being led. 

This is because no single leader (or human, for that matter) is perfect. We are all susceptible to making mistakes and poor decisions. Having a mentor who can see all sides objectively is essential for every effective leader.

Have you run your ideas for your business by an expert you trust? Have you invited an unbiased 3rd party to give you feedback on your leadership style? Do you have someone you can turn to for leadership advice when you don’t know the right answer? 

If not, you are setting yourself up for your own demise (or demotion). 

Lack of Vision

One of the greatest mistakes leaders make is neglecting to create a clear vision for what they want their teams to accomplish. 

It is not enough to answer your employees’ questions as they arise! You, as the leader, are responsible for proactively guiding the ship and making sure your team knows exactly where your practice/business is going, why you’ve chosen that direction, and how it aligns with the core values of your business. 

Without a clear vision in place, employees are more likely to underperform from a lack of motivation, direction, and clarity on what exactly they should be working towards. And who does their underperformance reflect on? You guessed it… You!

Unclear Expectations and Goals

As a leader, identifying your expectations is the very first step in setting your team up for success. Unfortunately, many team leads and managers make the mistake of assuming that they and their employees are all naturally on the same page. 

Businesses with unclear expectations usually experience the following consequences:

  • Low employee engagement and buy-in
  • High employee turnover
  • Loss of top talent
  • Strained team relationships
  • Poor company culture
  • Failure to meet goals and benchmarks
  • Negative impacts to the bottom line

Not Praising/Rewarding Team Members

In 2017, Globoforce conducted an extensive study on employee productivity and found that 74% of employees said they would work harder if their efforts were better recognized or appreciated. 56% of respondents said recognition from senior leaders, managers, and peers is the most motivational.

It is important for leaders to regularly give their team members positive feedback and recognition in the moment to make them feel like their work is valuable and that they are an essential contributor to the business’s success. This motivates team members to keep adding value by doing their best work.

On the contrary, leaders who neglect to praise and reward their high-performing team members are at the greatest risk for losing their top talent. Sooner or later, these leaders find themselves without any A-players, which again reflects badly on their own performance and ability to lead others well.

Do you demonstrate any of these common leadership mistakes? It’s time for you to assess your leadership skills.

Here a few actions you can take: 

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