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The healthcare industry suffers from a lack of leadership training, especially for providers. The same can be said for business executives. You may have spent years perfecting your skills and refining your specialties, but very little time learning to be an effective leader.

With only 10 questions, find out if you are a potential candidate for leadership development coaching.

About Jerrund Wilkerson

Professional development comes in many forms, and I have the knowledge and background to tailor my coaching to your unique needs as a healthcare professional. I have over 30 years of experience and success as a healthcare executive and leadership coach. Additionally, with the industry insight and experience I’ve gained as a healthcare provider, I am uniquely positioned to help guide you in crafting strategies and plans of action for reaching your goals.

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Executive Leadership Coaching: The Method

My method consists of CFA—Clarity, Focus, and Accountability. Over the course of your coaching sessions, we will work together to build an action plan customized to your needs and to address the unique challenges you may face.



We will investigate the specific challenges you face, determine your optimal avenue for success, and craft a customized plan to achieve your career goals.



One at a time, we will address the changes that you need to make to reach your goals. This is done with full attention to every single goal—no multitasking.



With dedication to your plan, you will see positive change. This will be reflected both in immediate wins and in long-term success in your career and beyond.

6-Session Coaching Package

Feeling stagnant in your healthcare career, but unsure what the next step might be to grow? Struggling with poor reviews from staff or patients and don’t understand why, or how to fix it? If you know that something needs to change, but you feel stuck and uncertain about what to do next, a 6-hour coaching package may be exactly what you need!

five stars
“Dr. Wilkerson was a tremendous coach.”

I benefited immensely from my executive coaching experience in a safe, professional and confidential way. I gained better insight into my blind spots and learned how to effectively better lead and support my peers and those whom I supervised.


five stars
“Jerrund is the prototype Executive Leadership Coach.”

He has the interpersonal skills and decades of practical leadership experience that has helped motivated leaders be successful. I am entering my third promotion since starting my coaching experience with him.


five stars
“His insight and candid feedback are invaluable.”

Working with Jerrund has been instrumental in my development as an early career physician leader. He helped me to find my voice and further clarify my leadership style. Because of his guidance, I have successfully transitioned from a former challenging work environment to effectively serving in my current role as a team lead physician.


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Take my Executive Leadership Assessment to qualify


    1. When you are looking to make a change, do you seek quick closure?

    2. When you are looking to make a change, do you seek to prioritize the details?

    3. When you seek to make change, are you cautious and reserved?

    4. When decisions have to be made, do you decide independently?

    5. When communicating with your team, do you explain rationale?

    6. When providing direction to your team, do you speak impromptu?

    7. When having a dialogue with your team, do you exchange perspectives?

    8. When inspiring your team regarding a new initiative, do you use a matter-of-fact approach?

    9. When you are working to move your team forward, are you reactive?

    10. When you are working to move your team forward, do you improvise?

    After taking the assessment, your submission will be reviewed by Jerrund, who will determine the appropriate next steps for you.