Leaders: You Will Fail Without This Element of Effective Leadership

The Most Important Element of LeadershipWith any skill, intentional practice and guidance are necessary to truly excel. Even people with natural aptitudes for their crafts seek counsel from experts when they wish to become proficient. 

The same is true for building effective leadership skills. There are certainly individuals who naturally make better leaders than others based on their communication skills, ability to inspire others, empathy, and so on. But with proper leadership coaching, any person can learn to lead their teams successfully. 

Why Is Effective Leadership Important?

In a study from Zenger | Folkman, it was found that extraordinary leaders can actually double a business’s profits by improving things like employee engagement, satisfaction, and commitment.

Over the past few decades as an executive leadership coach, I have seen firsthand how leadership directly influences factors like:

  • Employee turnover
  • Attitudes/workplace culture
  • Company loyalty
  • Employees’ motivation to reach goals
  • High vs. low achievement

Just as extraordinary leaders can motivate employees to excel in their roles and buy into the workplace culture, those with poor leadership skills often leave their teams confused, uninspired, and unhappy, all of which correlate with low productivity.

Where Do I Start?

The very first step in effective leadership is defining a clear vision for your team and your practice as a whole.

Have you identified the big picture your team is working towards? Do you have clearly-defined and measurable goals for your team and your practice? Have you sought counsel and feedback regarding this vision from other healthcare leaders you trust?

Think about it. How will your team know what exactly they are working towards and what “success” means for them if you haven’t set concrete parameters in place?

How Do I Become An Effective Leader and Craft A Clear Vision For My Team?

Leadership coaching is the only surefire way to ensure that you have:

  1. Developed a wise and attainable vision for your team
  2. Obtained the resources you need to lead your team effectively towards this vision
  3. Clearly communicated the vision to your team and achieved their buy-in
  4. Defined a way to measure your success in achieving the vision
  5. Acquired trustworthy counsel to hold you accountable and keep you on track

You Might Be Surprised Just How Much You Need A Leadership Coach…

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About Dr. Wilkerson, PD, MBA, PCC.

Do you want to increase your impact? Do you want to increase profits under your leadership? Do you want to develop and use your abilities to the fullest to better connect with and lead others? Executive Leadership Coaching covers these bases. Dr. Jerrund Wilkerson, PD, MBA, PCC, has more than 30 years of experience as a successful executive leadership coach in Atlanta, around the United States, and internationally.

As a licensed provider and professionally certified coach, he is particularly passionate about helping develop effective leaders in the healthcare community. Dr. Wilkerson has coached and trained thousands of managers and leaders.

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