What Is “Emotional Generosity” in the Workplace?

What Is “Emotional Generosity” in the Workplace?Did you know that a leader’s ability to demonstrate empathy to their employees and embody their company’s core values has a direct impact on the bottom line?

A recent article from goBeyondProfit explored this finding with data collected from employees throughout the state of Georgia. According to their studies, “Georgians want their chief executives to publicly embody a company’s corporate character in visible, accessible and transparent ways.”

The data also suggests that businesses are being judged more closely than ever on their behaviors and values, as well as their executives’ expressed point of view. Not only that, but the majority of subjects are reimagining their employment preferences based on said behaviors.

So what is the solution? How should these businesses better support their employees and communicate their corporate values to prevent employee misalignment? 

According to this article, the answer lies with a new executive imperative called “emotional generosity.”

What Is Emotional Generosity?

You might think of business generosity as charitable giving and donations, and while those efforts are important, emotional generosity refers instead to a company’s core values and how they are exemplified in leadership. 

Emotional generosity includes:

  • Demonstrating empathy for employees
  • Consistently embodying clear values
  • Engaging in community issues with care and time

Does this sound familiar? 

If you have been following my content for a while, you know that this concept ties the most critical aspects of effective leadership together:

  • Vision: Identifying the big picture and setting clear goals and values for your team
  • Alignment: Achieving buy-in from your team on said goals and values
  • Execution: Keeping your team inspired and on track and bringing in desired results
  • Emotional Intelligence: The ability for a person to identify, comprehend, and regulate their own emotions, as well as identify, comprehend, and influence the emotions of others.

The Importance of Emotional Generosity in Leadership

From the goal-setting phase all the way through to seeing results come in, team members rely on their leaders for effective communication, clear direction, and support every step of the way. 

When there are gaps in this process, we see higher employee turnover, more customer dissatisfaction, a greater loss in top talent, and a direct impact on the bottom line. 

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