Every Hospital Executive Should Invest in Leadership Coaching

Hospitals Executives: Here’s Why You Should Invest in Leadership Coaching

Among many other things, hospital executives are responsible for ensuring that each doctor, nurse, and staff member is providing the highest quality patient care services. One way they do this is by overseeing medical staff leadership and management, supervisors, new hires, board members, and more.

As the point person for the hospital’s leadership team, it is the hospital executive’s responsibility to identify signs of ineffective leadership and make a plan to improve the situation.

Hospital executives: Have you noticed any issues in your team’s patient care, ability to reach goals, ratings/reviews, or enthusiasm at work? If so, it’s imperative that you take action sooner rather than later to strengthen your team and protect your patients.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is Leadership Coaching Important for Hospital Executives?

Improves Patient/Provider Relationships

A recent study from the Annals of Family Medicine showed that the nature of the relationship between a patient and his or her healthcare provider has the power to influence the success and timeline of the patient’s health and recovery. 

The results of this study suggest that when patients felt like they had a dependable, caring, and personable healthcare provider, they were more likely to experience positive functional health outcomes over the course of a year. The opposite was found to be true for patients who did not feel like they had developed a strong patient-provider relationship. 

The primary way doctors and healthcare providers are able to build this relationship is by displaying high levels of emotional intelligence, one aspect of executive leadership coaching.

Leads to Better Hospital Ratings

One of the most obvious ways to tell whether or not you need leadership coaching is by paying attention to your patients’ satisfaction ratings. 

Do they complain about how they were served by you or someone on your team? 

Depending on the complaints, these poor reviews could indicate that you need to improve your people skills and relationships with your patients, or that your team is not aligned with your vision and expectations for your practice. A leadership coach is prepared to train you on how to accomplish both of these issues. 

Increases Employee Productivity

How is your team’s energy? Would you describe the members of your team as engaged, positive, and hard-working? If not, it could be that they need a leader who knows how to inspire them and boost their confidence. 

Working in a hospital is no small feat — long hours and  little breaks in an extremely fast-paced environment. It takes an extraordinary leader to keep his or her team motivated to do their best even when they feel like their energy is waning. 

A leadership coach works with you to define your vision and expectations for your team’s culture and attitude, and then helps you develop actionable steps you can take to achieve buy-in from your team.

How effective is your leadership?

Here a few actions you can take: 

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